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Welcome to KronoScope Forum

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Founded in 2001, the journal KronoScope is one of the publication arms of The International Society for the Study of Time (ISST), which in turn was founded by J.T.Fraser in 1966 for the interdisciplinary study of time. KronoScope is published twice a year by Brill (Leiden). Some of the articles published in KronoScope come from expanded papers given at one of the ISST's triennial conferences or at an interim conference partially sponsored by the ISST. The journal also publishes peer-reviewed articles submitted directly to the journal.

The purpose of this forum is the discussion of topics evolving from articles published in the journal.

Each article will begin a discussion thread. Users may create sub-threads leading to related topics.

The forum is moderated. Unprofessional, hurtful, or impolite posts will be deleted, and users may be barred from future posts.

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