Aim & Scope
Since 1966, the International Society for the Study of Time (ISST) has been providing a framework for an interdisciplinary dialogue about the nature of time. KronoScope, edited by an international board of scholars, carries forward the work of ISST. By offering an open-ended platform for the cross-fertilizaton of scholarly and scientific ideas, it helps professionals become acquainted with the nature of time as seen from their own and from other fields of knowing. As a journal, it can accommodate the expanding concerns of the global community in search of understanding and meaning. KronoScope invites critical contributions from all disciplines.

Managing Editor
Jo Alyson Parker, English Department, St. Joseph's University, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395, USA. E-Mail:

Founding Editor

Book Review Editor
4867 Anna Dr.,
San Jose, CA 95124-5139

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